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    Act of Giving

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  • Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth

    - Mohammed Ali


What is #Saidia Initiative?

Sia Square has started this initiative to bring a better a better future for orphans. Our Team will be visiting orphanages every last Sunday of the Month and will be donating a percentage of our profit per project. Others are also welcomed to be part of this initiative by donating items such as groceries, stationaries and books, clothes, toys, etc.

How to Donate?

We develop big ideas that sell.

Contact us

You may directly call us or fill in the short form requesting donation pick-up

Donation Pick-up

You may want to send the donations directly to our offices or you may request our representative to pick-up.

Road to Orphanage

Our Team will be visiting various Orphanages per month and we will donate the percentage of our profit per project in terms of items as well as all other donations from you.